SC Jazz Festival

Recently my family and I traveled to Cheraw, SC to the birthplace of Jazz Musician Dizzy Gillespie.  The town of Cheraw has become the home of the SC Jazz Festival too.   This festival is only three years old and it is on a roll.  IMO it will become a major Jazz Festival in the very near future and I think I know a bit about Jazz.  Not only have I been a lifetime Jazz enthuasist, I have a son who ‘cut his teeth’ on Jazz Music and he decided that was where it was for him.  So, I have put in the parent time of listening to perfecting the scale and perfecting the Jazz innuendos.  Add to that the fact that years ago we went to the Newport Jazz Festival when it was in NYC and I’m a ‘pro’.

While I have you thinking about the Newport Jazz Festival, I will say that we bought tickets to Count Basie’s birthday party which was held in Carnegie Hall.  Having spent our vacation money on the trip to NYC, we decided to ‘do it right’ and bought box seat tickets (right over the stage and shared it with a CBS Reporter).  Then we topped it off with tickets to Lincoln Center and a Gary Barton concert.   But, let me back up a minute.  At that birthday party we saw Count Basie, Oscar Peterson (the biggest hands I ever saw), Dizzy Gillespie, Gary Barton and Lionel Hampton (I saw him again later and he was a wonderful human being.)  Wow!   Now if that doesn’t get you excited, you’re definitely not a Jazz fan and may not even be living.  That is World Class Jazz for sure! Whew!  Thanks for reliving it with me.

Now back at the SC Jazz Festival ….  There were many live performances by truly memorable Jazz performers and they were ‘Free’.   It doesn’t get any better than this.   Then, there is the performance each evening that is a paid performance.  However, even though it is a paid performance, it doesn’t ‘break the bank’.  Tickets for the two events are a total of $25. for both.  This event is held on the weekend of Dizzy Gillespie’s birthday, so it is another reason to celebrate.   Think what an abundance of wonderful music this wonder of jazz added to our lives.  Thank you Dizzy.

Below are a couple of the performances that I videoed on Saturday of the festival and all of these were free events.  Enjoy!

                         Javier Vega’s Soft Jazz Quartet from Myrtle Beach.

                             This group is ‘One Leg Up’ from Asheville, NC.






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