The new era of Integrity

Integrity has always been a top drawer issue with me as it should be.  Why not?  When a person or a company loses their integrity why on earth would anyone want to be associated with them?  No one with any degree of self respect wants to be associated with crooks and liars.   Unfortunately, in recent years we  have all had a rotten example set by everyone from Presidents and Congressmen to ministers, parents and of all things school teachers.  It is no wonder the corruption has sluffed over into our society.  You don’t ‘teach’ children the ins and outs of corruption without their using what they’ve learned.  Now we have top CEO’s looking out for no one except themselves, and it permeates every aspect of our society.   Unfortunately, adults and children are going to have to ‘learn’ the meaning of integrity and how devastating lack of integrity is to our society overall.

Integrity isn’t something you verbalize on cue like some of the reverends that we hear on TV who the next week are back on TV charged with child abuse.  Integrity is the inner core of oneself.   Integrity is something that is there whether anyone is watching or not.   Integrity gives us self-respect, humanness and strength.  Integrity is the cornerstone of our person and of our nation and even our world.  Most of us hate being lied to or stolen from.  That is what corruption and lack of integrity does to people.  There is no self-respect and no respect of others left.  Integrity has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with who we are.

Now we are being told that we are entering the new age of integrity in Washington and I sincerely hope that is true.  I really believe Barack Obama and Joe Biden are men of integrity.   I will say that I will never forget some of the things I saw some of Obamas supporters do during the campaign that I felt didn’t reflect much integrity, but that wasn’t him.  If he runs again though, I hope he will make it clear to supporters that he expects them to stand up for his level of integrity or not actively support him.  It wasn’t pretty.  However, again, I look forward to his setting the example in Washington and insisting on impeccable integrity in his administration… no exceptions.

Once we have an example set by our president, we have to ‘expect’ integrity from corporations and ceos and congressmen/women, from ministers and teachers and hold those accountable who try to milk the system and dispense with integrity.

During the 2008 Campaign, I was fortunate enough to meet several of the candidates running for various offices.   One of those was Larry Kissell who was running for US House of Representatives from the 8th District in North Carolina.   Larry has always seemed to me to be an honorable man and though he isn’t from my district, I’m happy to see him become one of the incoming Representatives.  I hope he does the job that he promised and that we the electorate expect.   If not, I will work just as hard trying to get the new guys and the more experienced ones out of office as I worked trying to get them elected.  I’m simply tired of ‘tell them anything, but do nothing’ elected officials at all levels.   However, I truly believe that Kissell is one of the ‘good guys’.   With that said, though he is already elected, I will post one of the videos that I think shows some of Larry’s strong points.



~ by citizenjournalistreview on November 18, 2008.

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