Why the rush to criticize.


I have been watching the news a bit more recently than I normally do. However, I will admit that I probably watch a bit more news than many people so this ‘increase’ is simply my attempt to get some balance in the news. Before half of you jump to the conclusion that I am a die-hard Republican, I want to say loud and clear ‘absolutely not’. Also, before the other half of you conclude that I am a ‘do or die Democrat’ I have to let you know that you are wrong too. Now, let’s go on to my point.

Based on what I have read and heard, the Republicans can’t even wait a ‘decent time’ before they start running attack ads. All day today I have repeatedly heard commercials, paid for by 521s attacking anything related to a union or voting unions. Now, while I know there are many things the unions ‘may’ be able to do better, the Republicans would have no worry if their supporting businesses didn’t try and persist in taking advantage of workers. So, having worked in a unionized environment myself, I am here to tell you that the companies that are confronted by unions created their own problems. Companies and small businesses that value and treat their employees ‘with respect’ don’t have to worry one minute about that business becoming unionized. The workers will vote ‘no’. On the other hand, those companies that abuse and mistreat their employees can expect to be met with a ‘yes’ vote on unionizing and they well deserve it.

Those people who are so gullible as to think it is entirely the unions who are at fault have never worked for an abusive company as I have. Some companies try to force their employees to work overtime without paying them as per the law and contracts. They tell employees ‘not’ to work overtime or clock in early. Then, when an employee tries to stop in the middle of a transaction they tell the employee they shouldn’t leave it haning. When the employee reminds them of their previous statement they shrugs and say in a ‘knowing’ manner ‘well, you’ll have to make that decision’. The employee, by that time, is realizing they are saying ‘If you want to keep your job, you’ll finish this job before you leave. And, by the way, if you show up on my OT list, I will nail you because you have been told ‘no overtime’. So they are now in ‘catch 22′. They are doomed if they do and doomed if they don’t. So while I don’t particularly like working in a union environment, I certainly don’t like working in the ’employer’ environment where they dictate what you will and won’t do and use and abuse you while they are dictating.

At this point in the disgraced workplace that many of us have to work in, it is a necessity of life that unions exist and must be allowed to continue. I wish those people who are so loudly criticizing a man who hasn’t even gotten in office yet, would just tighten it up for a while. Our country should come first. Notice I said ‘should’. I’m not sure it does though with many of the ‘do anything’ group that has been stealing America blind.


~ by citizenjournalistreview on November 25, 2008.

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