Shopping the ‘deals’ is just too tiring.


Today was the day everyone was suppose to get up at 4:00 AM, shop till we dropped, and recharge the economy. Well, it didn’t work. At least it didn’t work for me. First, there are very few things that I want badly enough to get up at 4:00 AM and go shopping to get them. So, I slept in until 7:30 knowing what I would buy when/if I decided to wander out to the stores. My husband being the heartier shopper, though he won’t admit it, got up at 7:30, immediately grabbed a bit to eat and headed out. Meanwhile, I was still staring into the second cup of coffee and trying to decide whether it was worth it.

An hour or so later, my husband came back with his ‘early bird special’. He had managed to get a cordless drill to replace the one he had worn out, a spot light and a couple of other little goodies. I had showered by now and was giving it more serious thought. However, the ‘early bird specials’ were already gone and that was just fine with me. Around 10:00 AM we wandered out to get a new Christmas tree. He finally, a couple of years ago, persuaded me to buy an artificial tree though I still like the notion of a ‘real tree’. However, I am smart enough to realize the danger of the real trees and am willing to go the artificial tree route as long as I can buy a ‘good one’. So, we headed out to buy a tree.

Soon after reaching the first store we found a ‘nice slender tree’ which met my specifications and purchased it though it really wasn’t on sale. Wouldn’t you know, they didn’t run the ‘good trees’ on sale when I needed one. We bought a few other small items and left for the next stop.

I had read in their ads that both Home Depot and Office Max had these wonderful little Brother P-touch labelmakers at give away prices. While I had one already, I thought it would make nice little stocking stuffers so we stopped by Office Depot first as it was on route. After 30 minutes of trying to chase down a clerk, we learned that they didn’t have any, or were ‘sold out’ per the clerk, although it wasn’t an early bird special and was listed in the two-day deals. So, I politely asked for a rain check and was told ‘We don’t give rain checks’. I have to say my irritation raised a little because it has been my understanding for several years that there is a North Carolina Law regulating adverstising and if they don’t have but a limited number they must say ‘while supplies last’ which wasn’t anywhere in the ad. So, really annoyed, I left the store and headed for Office Max.

At Office Max we went through an identical story. They too ‘didn’t have any and ‘didn’t give rain checks’. So, I was more annoyed, but still didn’t have a P-Touch. After promising myself I’d never buy from either of those two stores again if I could buy the item elsewhere, I decided that I had made a marvelous decision to sleep in this morning and let the other shoppers become frustrated and annoyed. Good Night.


~ by citizenjournalistreview on November 28, 2008.

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