Universal Health Care

As we all know, Universal Health CAre was a big issue during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Probably the very best health care plan was presented by Sen. John Edwards and was just slightly modified and used by Sen. Hillary Clinton. Sen. Barack Obama’s had some items that needed attention, but it was clearly better than anything presented by Sen. John McCain. Now that Sen. Obama is President-Elect Obama, I am hoping that he can get a good health care plan adopted and put into action.

A major concern of mine is that whatever health care plan that is adopted be broad enough to cover the true medical needs. Recently, someone in our family needed extensive testing to determine the nature of the illness. The total health care bill this year for that one family member has been near $100,000. That is not even considering that another family member is a serious Type II diabetic and must have tests done routinely. But, the person who had the major expenditure was difficult to diagnose and I am concerned that whatever plan we adopt would allow that kind of in-depth testing to determine the true nature of the illness and a possible treatment plan. Without that, any health care plan would be useless.

I read today that Sen. Tom Daschele, who may be nominated as the next Health and Human Services secretary, is in Denver today at a health care summit and has embarked on a new format for leading the charge on new health care policies, online and off.

Mr. Daschle announced that the Obama team will be coordinating a series of “Health Care Community Discussions” around the country during the last two weeks of this month. This effort would be an extension, or perhaps a subset, of the Obama transition team’s forays into harnessing that vast grassroots network it built during the campaign as it tries to channel the diffuse but palpable energetic force into a newly formed, broader-based good.

At the transition team’s website at change.gov Daschele asks for Americans help in reforming health care.

“Our long-term fiscal prospects will have a hard time improving as long as sky-rocketing health care costs are holding us all down,” he said. “These health care community discussions are a great way for the American people to have a direct say in our health care reform efforts.”

You can even host one of the discussions in your neighborhood. Here is the form to complete. Here is the plan currently used by the Transition Team.

And from the NY Times article.

Elizabeth Edwards, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, has joined the chorus, having critiqued many times over the health care plans of former Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

Than is encouraging.


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