NC’s first woman Governor, Beverly Perdue, takes Oath of Office

Yesterday was a very special day in North Carolina. It was so special because North Carilina has finally elected the first woman Governor, Beverly Perdue and she was taking the Oath of Office.

The forecast all week had been for cold weather (that means 40s to us) and rain. That wasn’t too interesting sounding for me, but we decided to go to the swearing in ceremony if it was cold and leaving before the parade. The weather forecast was changed on Friday to the mid 50s and cloudy. But, on inauguration day, it became 61 degrees and the most beautifully sunny day you can imagine … just like our lovely governor.



Gov. Perdue and her husband First Gentleman Bob Eaves walk the parade route.

Andy Griffith came down from Mayberry (joke). No, there is no real Mayberry and we aren’t quite that backward though we hear the question all the time. It was just a make believe town for his TV show. However, Andy is considered a State Treasure and is welcome anywhere. He read a poem his wife wrote for the Governor.

I took lots of photos and videos but it takes a while to get them ready for showing. The parade was over two hours long and absolutely fantastic. So, I will post videos over the next few days that you may enjoy. I thought the parade was the second best I’ve ever seen. The very best was the Cherry Blossom Parade in DC many years ago.


One lucky dog! This Parade goer got a couple of big hugs from the governor and he/she can’t even vote!


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