CNN’s childish display of a tantrum against the President.

Most of us have realized that our country stands in great peril now and that so much is at stake when it comes to President Obama and the new administration. Although I wasn’t originally an Obama supporter, I gladly accept him as our new President, think he is one of the most capable people that I’ve seen and wish him the best. Never, in my lifetime, and probably not in the lifetime of anyone reading this have the decisions being made been so important and so critical. That is why I am so distressed by the numbers of people who are willing to attack a man who has been in office a total of three days.

I agree that former President George W. Bush was responsible, either through neglect or through total ignorance, for the mess this country is in now. I don’t think his handlers should ever be allowed to gloss over the devastation that he left behind. IMO he never should have been president to begin with. He didn’t have the ability and it is highly doubtful that he ever won an election. However, that is not the case with President Obama. He clearly won the election and it is the responsibility of Americans to stand behind him supporting him all the way until/unless he shows that he, like Bush, is willfully, working against the citizenry. At this point Obama certainly can’t be accused of that. He is working hard but again has only been in office for three days.

The fine, or not so fine, media in this country has been wallowing in the mud during the past week. It is disgusting to watch. They got PO’d that the TV media wasn’t allowed to the ‘second swearing in’ so they could critique the hell out of it like they did the inauguration and CNN led the dog and pony show that followed. To show their ability to gouge the administration, they made a ‘big ado about nothing’ and acted worse than two-year olds by screaming loudly that there wasn’t a disclosure that the music by one group at the inauguration was partially pre-recorded. Get a life CNN! Or, at least get some news! Who cares? Those of use who are ‘well informed’ (as you pretend to be) know that musicians have to struggle when working in the cold and none of us are bothered by the fact that they were using a pre-recorded version of a better performance. I applaud them for being foresighted. Only someone with an ax to grind would make a big ado about that. CNN, why don’t you disclose to us what your ‘real motive’ was? I think if you are going to try to ‘hold feet to the fire’ you should meet the same disclosure standards! Who cares! Again, who cares!

What I do care about is that I couldn’t even hear the Inaugural parade and the Inauguration wasn’t much better because CNN and other channels had their ‘well informed’ pundits talking over everything making it impossible to hear one of the most historic events in our history. As soon as we thought they were finished and we might get to hear a band playing, they ask another pundit to ‘reflect’ on the day and we missed all of the event. Parades are to be seen and heard, not talked over! I then moved to another channel (C-Span) but they apparently had a stationary camera that never moved from Obama and that led to nothing about the parade too.

Today was the straw that broke the camels back with CNN! They did a 10 minute rant about the mistakes of Vice President Joe Biden! Good Lord, CNN, if you ever do half of what that man has done in his lifetime, you may have the right to criticize! At this point you are no where near that right! Get over it. I’ve watched CNN for years and over the last year I’ve watched them gradually going into the gutter with FOX and this latest incident is even more proof. Stop the gouging. You didn’t get to video the second swearing in… get over it! Quit trying to make news and start reporting it … accurately, I might add!


~ by citizenjournalistreview on January 24, 2009.

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