I never thought the Ground Hog knew … before.

Day before yesterday was Ground Hog Day. Now, some people doubt Darwin’s Theory of Relativity, others doubt this or that, but my ‘doubt’ was that the Ground Hog could actually tell if we were going to have six more weeks of bad weather. Well, I now know and no longer have to question it.

On Monday Punxsutawney Phil, the nations premier Ground Hog, boldly announced amid pomp and circumstance, that there would be six more weeks of cold weather. Well, I promptly blew it off. I theorized that I live in the south and we virtually never get snow and we can count on a ‘warm spell’ around valentine’s day as if our ‘cold spells’ were really that cold. So, I had my laugh on Monday at Punxsutawney Phil.

Today I awakened and was getting ready to take my tiny 2.2 pound toy poodle outside as part of her rigorous training, when my husband announced that it snowed last night. Well, he has driven close to 1500 miles in the last 5 days so I thought perhaps it had taken it’s toll on him. So, I promptly opened the blinds to double check his assessment. Good Lord! There it was … white stuff all over the ground and several inches deep! It was deeper than the puppy was tall although the older and bigger dog had braved it. So, we cancelled the ‘training’ for the day. I honestly felt a little guilty until I learned that all of the schools were cancelled and that’s right after President Obama chastised DC for cancelling school. I remember when people called in to work of these rare occasions and said they ‘couldn’t make it in’, but I guess in this economy no one dares do that anymore.


~ by citizenjournalistreview on February 4, 2009.

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