Facing the problem of illegal immigration.

We all know our country is in a terrible shape. There are so many things that need to be changed that it is hard to know where to start. My hat is off to President obama as he is working harder than any president I have ever seen, but there is one area that needs enormous amounts of work and he hasn’t addressed it yet. Perhaps he hasn’t because he knows that the far left will scream and scream when he does. I think the far left is just as far off base as the far right is in many areas and that is a long way.

One of the primary reasons our country is in such a condition is the illegal situation. The borders need to be controlled, and immigration laws need to be enforced. We don’t just choose which laws of another country we will obey. I have been to other countries many times and whenever I go, I always know that I have to meet their entry requirements, that I am not invited to live there and certainly not entitled to assistance that citizens of that country are. I know that I must leave by a certain time and I cannot determine which laws I will break or obey.

This is the most incredible unaddressed problem that I have ever seen. Our laws must be changed with respect to anchor babies and made retroactive and enforcement must transpire in a timely manner. Our schools are falling apart because we have millions of anchor babies going to schools and more schools must be built. So, there is no money left for the maintenance of those we already have. We must hire millions of additional teachers, buses, and all of the other things that should be directed to properly educating our own children.

Then, there is health care. Our own citizens can’t get it, but the emergency rooms can’t turn the illegals away. They get food stamps and medicare. This is outrageous.

The far left chants that they are ‘good hardworking people’ just trying to earn a living. Bull! They may be. No one is questioning whether they will work ‘under the table’ without paying taxes. That isn’t the issue. They aren’t entitled to be here. That is the point they keep trying to dodge. It is a matter of legality. It is a matter of we must take care of our own people first and I don’t believe for a minute that there aren’t unemployed Americans who wouldn’t take the jobs at McDonald,TJMax, etc. Now those fall into another category in that many/most of them got fake green cards that allowed them to take American jobs too. In CA they even go in the mail to certain addresses without being solicitated according to one Canadian that I know who lives in CA. Is there any wonder that CA is now falling into bankruptcy. I am a liberal, but with reality. All things in moderation, and that goes for liberalism too. We must enforce our borders and illegal immigration. If this country is desireable enough for them to want to live here, then it deserves the respect of their doing it legally and going through the proper process.

~ by citizenjournalistreview on February 23, 2009.

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