Cher’s speaking my mind again.


Over the years, there has been so many times that Cher has been on the same page with me that I feel she is truly a soul sister. She is noted for speaking her mind and speaking the truth and she has done it again on the Octuplet Mom, Nadya Suleman.

Cher pulls no punches when it comes to the Octuplet Mom, Nadya Suleman, saying, “You cannot be a single mom living with your parents on welfare and have all of those children. That chick is like on planet I-don’t-know-where.”

“She just shouldn’t have any of those children as far as I’m concerned. I know that’s going to get me in a whole mess of trouble, but I don’t know where her mind is. She says the strangest things. I don’t think she’s doing drugs, but she acts like someone who is not of this world. It’s like, ‘hello come down to planet earth with the rest of us,'” said Cher to ET.

There are so many aspects of this case that are truly disgusting that it is hard to even know where to start. First, before anyone says a woman has a right to have as many children as she wants, let’s remember that is ONLY IF she can support them and give them the attention they need and deserve. Clearly, a single mom, or even a couple, couldn’t properly support 14 children. That is simply not possible unless she had the money of Oprah which she clearly doesn’t have.

I am really annoyed at her parents for allowing her to force them into the position she has. Sure, she is one of the ‘me’ generation, but it was their responsibility to put their foot down and just say ‘no’. If she then chose to continue having babies, she would have to find some very lenient home that would take her and her children in or stop having them. No one forced reality on this woman. Her parents obviously, and according to her father, spoiled her rotten and that is clearly showing. Now taxpayers are being held over a barrel by this apparently disturbed woman. We don’t even know yet how many more of her children will be autistic or have other needs. This isn’t even addressing the fact that our world is already suffering from overpopulation. How many sick women will now try to mimic her attention getting behavior.

Parenting has its responsibilities, regardless of whether the woman is married or not and I still think that children need two parents. There must be something to stop even couples from having 4,5,6,8 and more children when they are not prepared to take care of them. I have a ‘child’, but it was clear to me that the more children one has the more money it will cost and since I didn’t have that much money, I controlled my own body. Come on women, when are we going to realize that the more children one has the more likely they are to be raised in poverty.

Thank you Cher for speaking out on this subject and for saying it correctly.


~ by citizenjournalistreview on February 26, 2009.

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