Remote Area Medical is serving more and more.


Remote Area Medical is an amazing group of ‘good guys’ and ‘good gals’ that provide medical coverage free of charge to the rural and poor people in America. We talked about them once before but then are doing even more now. They are still at it and working harder than ever.

The primary purpose of the Rural AMerica Program is to provide vision and dental care for underserved areas of the US. The vision care team of RAM provides people with eye exams and eyeglasses to improve their present circumstances and better see the world around them. For some, a pair of glasses may allow them to drive more safely, get a job or better execute their present job. For others, reading glasses will allow them to read more comfortably or thread a needle for the first time in years.

Rural AMerica Program

Here is a video clip that CBS did on this group a few months ago.
View the CBS News clip on Remote Medical

They use volunteer medical professionals to provide these services.

Poor dental health is a frequently seen problem in the hills of the southern Appalachians, and RAM’s services are desperately needed. Patients often arrive with serious dental problems, often affecting their overall health. In a single visit, many of these can be improved. The Rural AMerica dental program offers emergency extractions, restorations, cleanings and fluoride treatments. The hard work of a number of very dedicated volunteer dentists helps to make each expedition a success.

Now they are going a step further and taking it across America.

As part of our response to these requests, we are working to develop additional aviation capability to minimize the logistical hurdles that are inevitable in trying to reproduce in other states what we have been doing in Tennessee and surrounding states for so long.

For many years, RAM has depended on aging aircraft, such as our C47/DC3, to transport cargo and volunteers when necessary. While these legacy aircraft have served us well in the limited regions in which we regularly perform expeditions, many factors make them less-than-ideal for nation-wide operations.

A solution that we are excited to present to you is this project, RAM’s Reach Across America, to raise enough capital to purchase and operate a twin-turboprop aircraft, with pressurization and significantly more speed than any of our current fleet, to carry RAM volunteers anywhere in the US where RAM is invited and allowed to operate.

Reach Across America

They don’t just stay in America either though with the recent economic crisis in America they are expanding here.

In order to reach remote areas that are difficult to access by ground transportation, RAM Airborne volunteers will enter by airdrop. Personnel and supplies will be brought in by plane and air-dropped into clearings near the areas in need of aid. Doctors, nurses, and other medical and non-medical personnel, who are willing to jump from a perfectly good airplane, are needed for these extreme expeditions.

RAM Airborne

RAM Swaziland Food Project

Guyana Air Ambulance

Guyana Cervical Cancer Project

RAM Veterinary Volunteers

Recently I received this e-mail regarding their fundraiser.

The “60 Minutes” segment featuring the work of Remote Area Medical® (March 2, 2008) generated one of the greatest audience responses to the CBS news program in the past 10 years. Echoing throughout that response was an overwhelming national outcry for RAM’s kind of help.
The REACH ACROSS AMERICA! goal is $1,000,000 and with help from compassionate citizens like you, RAM will develop the airborne capability to:

replicate the unique RAM model of free health care delivery to medically under served areas throughout the United States
transport advance teams to prepare communities for RAM free clinics
meet the scheduling constraints of RAM volunteer medical professionals willing to travel great distances to serve impoverished populations
RAM volunteers provide free care to tens of thousands of uninsured or underinsured people every year. Together, we can launch a nationwide effort that will relieve the pain and suffering of hundreds of thousands – and someday millions – more. Thank you for joining the RAM REACH ACROSS AMERICA!

Please make contributions payable to
Remote Area Medical Foundation
1834 Beech St.
Knoxville, TN 37920
designated to RAM Airborne.

You may also use the following link to donate directly to RAM via PayPal, using your credit card or bank account:

Donate here


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