Obama knew class when he saw it in the UNC Team.


This is the week that those of us from North Carolina look forward to the entire year. This is ACC playoff week, better known as March Madness, as if anyone on the face of the earth didn’t know that. I wouldn’t say that those of us who live in North Carolina are a bit nutty over basketball, but I will admit that where other people have blood droplets in their veins, we have little tiny basketballs. So, it is a genetic trait that none of us choose to deny.

For those not so blessed as to be native born ACCers, I will explain to your our method of prioritizing our basketball games and wins. Well, you first pick your favorite which naturally is the University of North Carolina (except for a few who are for Duke). Yes, we know about State, but there is one in every state who is just your ‘last ditch team’. I have cheered for State, but it’s hard. Okay, so now back to the pecking order of teams. First, at my house, we pully totally and 100% for UNC and on those rare occasions when UNC doesn’t reach the finals (usually due to an injury) we switch over to Duke but only for that game or that championship. Yes, Duke is a very respected school, so they deserve our second place ranking though you wouldn’t know it when UNC and Duke meet.

Now, if there is ever a time when both UNC and Duke aren’t playing or have already played, we pull for Wake Forest and if push comes to shove, State. Now, if it is playoff time and the teams from North Carolina were for some strange reason out of the playoff, then we’ll pull for the other ACC teams in no particular order. Years ago, Maryland was on a really mean winning streak in the ACC, so we don’t want to over encourage them but we must be ACC loyal too.


Now this year in the ACC Playoffs, we still have our beloved UNC and some good backups. We feel sure that we will also have several of our beloved teams in the NCAA national championship too. See you on the basketball court, Barack. After all, he did play with the UNC team during the campaign. He knows the best when he sees it too.


~ by citizenjournalistreview on March 13, 2009.

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