Las Vegas

Last week I spent in Las Vegas. While I keep hearing about the worst recession in years, and I believe that is accurate, it certainly isn’t being felt in Las Vegas regardless of what you hear. I’ve been to Vegas many times and I’ve never, NEVER, seen it so busy. You couldn’t move on the streets and you could forget getting a waitress in some restaurants. I don’t try to explain ’em, I only relate what I saw with my own eyes.

We went to see Cher where the tickets were ‘more than’ expensive, but it was a good show. Again, you’d never know there was a recession because it was a sold out house. Tickets were roughly between $100 and $250 and the Coliseum at Caesars Palace is huge and it was full. It was crazy!

Honestly, from what I saw it was the younger group that was spending the most. That was remarkable too. I’m betting they are the ones still living with Mom and Dad with no plans to ever pay for their own place. It’s also the ones who probably don’t have a lot of savings or job security but they are comfortable still at home. They were the ones paying outrageous charges for drink after drink after drink and then gambling and whatever came to their mind or the minds of their friends. It was frankly rather upsetting to see them only concerned about themselves and in the moment. I hope they can grow up and become responsible adults some day. Of course, everyone spends money in Vegas, but some show complete lack of maturity with their actions and how they spend it. I don’t mean to diss anyone, but I hope some of the younger groups start taking responsibility and don’t rack up the credit card debts that some of their parents did.


~ by citizenjournalistreview on April 30, 2009.

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