Well, vacation time has finally arrived. Everything is packed except the kitchen sink and that is in danger of being packed. It’s been a long and tiring summer and we’ve worked hard, but now we will be going on two weeks or R and R. Whoa! Who said that? R and R? Are you kidding me! We have a vacation iteniary that would make most athletes become whimpy. However, we are excited about going. We always try to do things that are educational. It is a growing and experiencing time. This year is no exception.

We are heading to Europe and we had many things on schedule since we bought a Eurorail Pass but two of them in particular stand out in my mind. First we are going to Oswiecim (Auschwitz) Poland. We will be attending the memorial site. While we don’t expect that to be pretty, we believe it is a responsibility. We have been to Darchau in Munich and it was a life changing experience and we certainly expect Auschwitz to be so too.

The second is a much more festive one. We are going to Oktoberfest and plan to be there for the Parades as well as perhaps a sip of beer … remember every beer begins with a sip.

As we go along, I will post about some of the things we see and upon our return, I will post videos to my YouTube site.

Well, got toget the kichen sink packed before it’s too late.

~ by citizenjournalistreview on September 3, 2009.

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