The distrubing trends of politics

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I was saddened to hear Sen. Evan Bayh say that he would not be running for the Senate again. In another way, I was encouraged to hear there are a few (at least one) left who had the moral fortitude to take a stand. I am a Centrist, an Independent voter who refuses to vote party dictates. I was more disappointed in the Bush Administration than I had ever been in any administration other than Reagan’s. I preferred a presidential candidate in 2008 who was eliminated in the primaries. So, neither Obama nor McCain was my first, second or third choice for the presidency in 2008. Yet, I decided on one, voted, and have been more or less happy with what Obama has been doing.

There are so many troubling aspects to politics today. First, I didn’t seen any potential in electing anyone then or ever that just continues with policies that aren’t working just because that is what ‘party leaders’ say are on their platform. I evaluated both candidates and didn’t find much from McCain/Palin that I could live with. I was horrified at the slightest possiblity that Palin might ever be in a position to become President. What a scary thought. I was equally as distrubed by what I saw as the roughshod manner that Obama’s campaign was conducted and I was in the earlier primary states where I could see what was going on. When kids who don’t give a hoot about the direction in which the country is heading simply do ‘whatever’ it takes to produce results, that too is disturbing. I have to say it is not what will be in the best interest of our country. Now the different factions that ‘helped’ him be elected are loudly ‘demanding’ their payoff. In trying to appease these groups, he or any other official who has such obligations is putting his/her own success above what is good for the country. Add to that the fact that many of those making their demands on the current administration have absolutely no track record on knowing anything about supporting themselves much less how to run a country, and it is very scary. Many are still on the dole from daddy and totally inexperienced in the area of finance. Yet, I think Obama is doing a pretty good job but that he needs to pay more attention to those in the middle of the political spectrum rather than those of the extreme factions. If he or any other candidate refused the Centrist votes, they would never be elected and they should recognize that.

Now, back to Sen.Evan Bayh. Senator, I hate to see you leave the Congress as you were one of those with a more moderate, centrist, mindset. Yet, it is encouraging to know that someone in Congress still has the guts to do so.


~ by citizenjournalistreview on February 16, 2010.

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