Happy Father’s Day!

President Obama’w Weekly address on Father’s Day 2011.


This is a very important holiday weekend which is designed to show our respect to the Fathers of our country. During the last few days I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the many wonderful fathers and step-fathers who have given us their much needed guidance.

We hear a lot today about ‘single Moms’ and they are always important too, but for every single Mom there is a single Dad who usually loves the child just as much. I also have a very personal reason for emphasizing the importance of step-fathers as so many of them are absolutely wonderful and assume a very tough job that only their hearts tell them to assume. No laws require them assume that responsibility and no law requires them to continue but they make so many lives better and more stable. I am most grateful for my step-father who passed away five years ago at 92 years old. When I think of our last hours together, my mind always goes back to the time that he came out of his vegetative state for about 30 minutes and he was totally ‘himself’. He took that precious time to hold my hand again and tell me over and over how he loved me with all of his heart. Without him, I know my life would be much different today. It’s so special when you know you were ‘chosen’.

My mind also goes to the military families and the fathers within them. There is a wide array of fathers effected by the military. There are the wonderful fathers in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world who love and are loved so much by their families. There are also the step-fathers there who are just as much effected by their separation from their chosen children. Then, there are those fathers who are often forgotten but are working just as hard for their families. This is the fathers who are keeping the home fires burning while the mothers are serving in the armed forces. We all need to remember them too. They, too, are unsung heros of the situations they find themselves in.

So, to all of those mentioned and to those who weren’t specifically mentioned, we wish you a wonderful Father’s Day and tip our hats for a fabulous job.


~ by citizenjournalistreview on June 18, 2011.

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