These are a few of my favorite things…

I am a huge music lover and always have been. I like most kinds of music (with a few exceptions) and find that music either reflects ones mood or one’s mood reflects in the music. So, I have moods where I want to listen to Orchestral, Big Band, Pop, Jazz, Motown, Gospel, Rock and Roll, Country and many other types. I also love international flavors in music. I will soon go to Africa and I am very much looking forward to the tones, harmony and nuiances of the music there. It’s so different for the different countries. Last Christmas I bought some wonderful German Christmas albums. Music is really and truly the international language. It speaks to the soul.

I use to say I didn’t like Bluegrass, but then a young musician named Craig Duncan hit a chord with me and caused me to write my first fan letter. Craig is an excellent fiddle player, banjo player, etc. of Bluegrass, but the first time I heard him, he was playing an Elvis song ‘I can’t help falling in love with you.’ So, I just fell in love with his music and musical ability. I don’t understand why he’s not super famous and I don’t know him personally but I’d love to see him in concert. So, as you can tell, I’ve been watching videos of some of my favorite performers (today… as the favorite list is always changing). I have to mention the late and great Lou Rawls since he sang to me once at a concert and Ray Charles since he sent me a case of Pepsi in a promotional once. Of course, both deserve to be on the list and will always be there.

Kermit sings his song…

Fantasia Barrino

Craig Duncan (in dark clothes). Sorry I don’t know who the other musician is, as I believe in giving credit for performances and work done.

~ by citizenjournalistreview on July 20, 2011.

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