We the People…


Since this coming week we will be experiencing the swearing in of the President for four years with all the pomp and circumstance that comes with the inauguration, I thought it would be a good time to discuss our Constitution. In recent years, it seems to have become more and more common to hear people screaming about their ‘Constitutional Rights’ while also yelling the Amendment (rarely the body itself) whereby those rights are said to have been derived. Ironically, much or most of the time, not only is their ‘proclaimed’ right misstated, but the Amendment they cited was wrong too.

I’ve always been interested in the Constitution of the United States and while I’m not what some may call an expert, I have taken the time to read it and took several classes in college regarding our Constitutionally granted rights. I’ve never understood how anyone can put themselves out there swearing they have ‘certain rights’ but when you ask, they hedge and if you should find an honest person they will finally admit that they’ve never read it. How can you cite something if you’ve never read it. Hearsay isn’t good enough when it comes to something as important as our rights, so taking the time to read the entire document is a worthy read in my opinion.

In an effort to honor this sacred document and the amendments, I am going to post a link to the Constitutionand the Amendments, in case anyone chooses to read them. Actually reading it means absorbing it without making personally satisfying interpretations to what one ‘hopes’ it says. It’s much like the Bible in one way… far too many people take portions of it out of context in an effort to twist it and make it say what they want. That doesn’t mean, with either, that it does in fact say what they are saying it does, merely that they are twisting it.

Happy reading.


~ by citizenjournalistreview on January 18, 2013.

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