Veterans, The Christopher Foundation, and Service Dogs

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Yesterday I went with a friend to a Spring Show of flowers and plants and just what everyone needs at this time of year for an attitude adjustment. As we were near the end of our day we came upon a group of about 10-12 dogs with a group of people and we quickly learned that it was a group of dogs and people raising funds for disabled veterans to have service dogs. This has always been two topics (vets and dogs) that have been near and dear to my heart, so of course I began digging into the wallet. The first thing one noticed was how beautiful the dogs were and how well groomed they were. They were obviously well cared for. Several of the dogs were resting in time out while the others were working. However, those working certainly didn’t seem to mind the tasks they were performing. As soon as they saw you reaching into your wallet or pocket, at least one would come over to accept (or should I say take LOL) the money from you and deliver it to the kettle. I believe if they could, they would certainly have said ‘Thank you.’ My friend leaned over and said ‘I could stand here and watch this all day.’ So, could I.

These dogs were doing a great service and they were doing it well and attracting a lot of attention. Therefore, the kettles were getting a lot significant amount of donations. I thought it was a stroke of genius for them to have their ‘team’ at this event. As always, I wanted so much to hug the animals and the trainers said it was okay to touch them (I asked.) but these dogs knew they were working and while they were all nice and friendly they kept moving to the next hand with money. They didn’t have time to stop for hugs as they knew their priorities. Way to go ‘man’s best friend’. Way to go!

I also have added a link to the Christopher Reeves Foundation since they, too, are doing some really great work for those with spinal cord disabilities.

Service dog organizations are some service dog organizations if you or someone you know is in need of one.

Canines for Veterans

Christopher Reeves Foundation


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