Diva Dog’s Easter photos from a couple of years ago.

……………………….. photo CarolinesfirstEaster20095X7-50-5-1.jpg

……………………….. photo CarolinesEasterBonnet2009-5050-50-7.jpg

This is one of Diva Dog’s early photos. She was just a baby then, but she was certainly a diva. She has no clue that she’s a dog. Last week, the vet gave us some small bones with stuff to help her keep from getting tarter. Well, the diva didn’t know what to do with it. She’s been trained to take her toys to her toy box and she took her bone there and left it. I can’t get her to understand it’s to be eaten or chewed on. She never liked bones anyway. They’re sort of messy if you’re wearing white. LOL Like any ‘proud parent’ i wanted to share her photo with you.

~ by citizenjournalistreview on March 28, 2013.

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