Yes! Yes! and Yes, on Candice Glover…

This week American Idol was down to six contestants. During the competition, Candice Glover from Saint Helen, South Carolina, sang the most incredible two songs that I’ve ever heard anyone sing. I always had Candice in the top three in the competition, but this week she left the other contestants in the shade. Sometimes spoken words are insufficient to describe something you’ve seen or heard and that was one of those times. Candice’s performance was super-human. If you missed that performance, or even if you simply want to hear it again, here it is for your listening enjoyment. Incredible! This is obviously someone we will hear from again. The year that Fantasia Barino sang ‘Summertime’ I thought I’d heard the best that it would ever get, but Candice has taken it up a notch. Enjoy.


~ by citizenjournalistreview on April 12, 2013.

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