Happy Mother’s Day! The greatest gift…

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This has been an unbelievable week in the news in America. This Mother’s Day there will be Mothers who have just been given the most incredible Mother’s Day gift possible, and this gift has been given to them for the second time. Two of the Mothers of the young women saved from the horrors in which they were forced to live in Cleveland have been given the greatest present a Mother could possibly receive for Mother’s Day. They each got their daughters Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight, back though sadly Amanda Berry’s Mother is decease and will never get to see her daughter, we’re very glad she’s back home. Amanda, a Mother too and apparently a very good one, got to also get the gift of freedom for herself, her daughter and her two captive friends. What a wonderful Mother’s Day Present that was too.

I want to wish all Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day but I especially want to wish the military Mothers, wife’s and fiancés a Happy Mother’s Day. And, yes, there are very special military personnel who are Mothers themselves and that is a difficult job, but they are giving of themselves to all of us. Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day everyone of you. Don’t forget to call or go to see your Mothers and thank them for the many years of love and hard work that they provided and probably are still providing for you. Children can’t do it alone and whoever provided the ‘Mother role model’ for you deserves your thanks. A flower is always nice, but if just not possible, give her a hug, a kiss and a sincere ‘I love you, Mom.’ and then be sure you ‘act like it’ the rest of the year. That’s what makes it a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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~ by citizenjournalistreview on May 11, 2013.

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