Happy Father’s Day, especially to our military Dads and Step-Dads

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Dads are a critical component to having a secure and well balanced family. Many Dads never will get all the credit they deserve. I never want to forget the many step-dads who make very meaningful contributions to families all over the world either.

In my own life, it was my step-dad who was the glue that brought my life together and provided the love and security that I needed and I will never forget that. I’d give anything to talk to him again, but I have peace knowing that we were blessed with about 30 minutes just hours before his death when he regained his cognizant skills and held me close and told me one more time how much he loved me and that I had always been the center of his life. Of course, I knew that, but to hear him say it when he knew his time was near will always be so dear to me. I had taken care of him for 16 years after my mother passed away and some days weren’t easy as he had health issues that affected his mental capacity, but every day was a day that I knew that he loved me and through the fog that blurred his mind, he never forgot it. There was even a time when a doctor had to come to get me to go into the operating room as he wouldn’t cooperate with them and they were afraid to administer too much anesthesia due to his heart condition, but as soon as I walked in and held his hand and told him he’d have to calm down so they could help him, he was as gentle as a kitten.

Any time I was ever sick he was always there. He never had to be asked and he always found a solution to anything he could to help me feel better. When my son was born, you’d have thought it was him having the baby. He was so nervous he was told by the nurse that it would be helpful if he’d just go somewhere and chill and let the medical staff take care of me.

Oh, how I love him. He could be hard on me as a teenager when necessary, but he always did it with love and he couldn’t stand it until we ‘made up’. I remember that he always thought I needed more money than my mother thought I needed, so although we never talked about it, about once every week or so, money would appear in my wallet during the night. Even when I was an adult, and my husband and I were going to Germany on vacation, he slipped some money to me and said ‘get something you want’. I knew it was more than he could afford as he was retired, so I tried not to take it, but he got a hurt look on his face and said ‘Please take it, for me.’ How could I not take it.

Lastly, he would never allow me to call him Dad as I grew up because he said he respected my biological Dad’s genetic connection to me enough that he’d never interfere although there wasn’t a relationship there. As he aged, he was thrilled every time I ever introduced him as ‘my Dad’. He’d always mention it later and tell me how proud he was that I’d consider him ‘my dad’. It was almost embarrassing to meet someone for the first time that he had known as they always said he thought of me as an angel and talked about me all the time. Of course he did, he was my Dad.

Thank you for listening to my memories and undying love for the man that wanted to be my Dad and earned the right to be my Dad. I love him so much.

I want to wish all of the Dads in the military families Happy Father’s Day, whether they are military personnel, fathers of military personnel, husbands whose wives are military personnel or in any other way connected to protecting our nation and our freedoms. Thank you and Happy Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all of the other Dad’s too.


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2 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day, especially to our military Dads and Step-Dads”

  1. a great tribute

  2. Thanks for your kind remarks.

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