Happy Father’s Day!!!…and Step-Fathers too.

Happy Father’s Day to the greatest men ever…those who make a real and lasting difference.

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Every year I struggle with expressing myself on Father’s Day. I get through Mother’s Day okay, but it’s Father’s Day that gets to me. I’m not really talking about my biological Father now, but the real man that stepped up and took me into his heart. I never had to worry about whether he loved me or not or whether he’d support me emotionally and financially or not…I knew he would. Then it became my turn to ‘be there’. I took care of him for 16 years through his dementia and I won’t say that some days weren’t hard, because they were…very hard. Dementia is a terrible disease for the patient and the caregiver but I never even gave a thought to not doing it. You do what you need to do when you love someone. That’s what he did for me and that’s what I did for him. Before his days of being overcome by his illness, I’d go home and we’d go out to a restaurant or market and he’d see someone he knew. I’d always feel the need to hide because I knew that by the time he finished telling them about me, although they knew me, I’d be sprouting angel wings. He never stopped promoting my ‘sainthood’ and I never deserved it. This was my Dad! Legally speaking, he was my Step-Dad, but morally and emotionally he was my Dad. In my childhood he’d never let me call him Dad as he was showing respect to my biological father but in his later years, his shoulders would always go back with pride whenever I broke the rules and called him Dad.

Happy Father’s Day to the millions of wonderful Dads and Step-Dads that often feel under-appreciated. Just keep on building on the loving, caring and respectful relationship with your child and you will never be under-appreciated as they mature. Happy Father’s Day. You’re the best! A Special Father’s Day wish to those Fathers in the military.

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~ by citizenjournalistreview on June 14, 2014.

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