Iceland Photos – the second of a series

As I mentioned in my last post we just returned from Iceland and Turkey. This is the second post of photos from Iceland and I will post a few more. It was a wonderful country and wonderfully beautiful. I can’t rave enough about the lovely people who live there too. Just fabulous.

 photo image_zpslawodac8.jpeg
There is a small wedding chapel inside the glacier. I’m not sure who’d want to begin on such a cold note, but they say some do. Also, there are lots of proposals under Aurora Borealis.

 photo image_zpsngk91tac.jpeg
We had to wear Cleets so we could get a grip on the ice.

 photo image_zpsizkunjg2.jpeg
There were a few cracks and crevices in the glacier. They have lost more glaciers this year to Global Warming than ever before. The temperatures simply aren’t getting as cold.

 photo image_zpszmwkipn6.jpeg
We had to go the last short distance on a Monster Bus. The Monster Bus had 16 gears and 20 monster tires. There was a GPS showing where we were, but I didn’t see the point in it as everything else on the GPS was snow. The wind was blowing at about 70 MPH and people walked arm in arm and gripped hands to stay upright. I think I have a couple of photos of the Monster Bus and now that I am getting readjusted, I will try to get those photos uploaded so I can share them.

I’ll post more later.

~ by citizenjournalistreview on November 8, 2015.

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