While our interests in life are most likely fluid, some core parts of our personality never change.   I have a respect for the individual and a hearty respect for integrity and ethics.  When I get in political discussions, I often am accused by the left as being too far right and by the right as being too far left.  So, that apparently means what I have always known which is that I am basically an Independent with barely left leanings.  There are certainly issues where I find myself more one way than the other.  While my views are more in the middle, that has nothing to do with either political party as I often disagree with each of them.

I have a passion for travel that has endured a lifetime.  I have traveled extensively and may at time show videos or photos that were taken during those travels. 

I also have great respect for education but am quite critical of what I see being substituted in public schools today in leiu of education.  We simply must start ‘really’ educating our citizens and by that I mean the 3 R’s.  Education is the pathway to pulling our country and indiviauls out of poverty.

I also have a huge disgust for the drug use that I see being indulged in within our country and the world.  While I have never had any desire to indulge, I have seen the devastation they cause and find the rationalizations for their use less than amusing.  Our country has too many problems to allow this one to continue.


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