Thank you, Veterans

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Iceland Photos – the second of a series

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As I mentioned in my last post we just returned from Iceland and Turkey. This is the second post of photos from Iceland and I will post a few more. It was a wonderful country and wonderfully beautiful. I can’t rave enough about the lovely people who live there too. Just fabulous.

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There is a small wedding chapel inside the glacier. I’m not sure who’d want to begin on such a cold note, but they say some do. Also, there are lots of proposals under Aurora Borealis.

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We had to wear Cleets so we could get a grip on the ice.

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There were a few cracks and crevices in the glacier. They have lost more glaciers this year to Global Warming than ever before. The temperatures simply aren’t getting as cold.

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We had to go the last short distance on a Monster Bus. The Monster Bus had 16 gears and 20 monster tires. There was a GPS showing where we were, but I didn’t see the point in it as everything else on the GPS was snow. The wind was blowing at about 70 MPH and people walked arm in arm and gripped hands to stay upright. I think I have a couple of photos of the Monster Bus and now that I am getting readjusted, I will try to get those photos uploaded so I can share them.

I’ll post more later.

Sharing part of my bucket list…

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First an apology as I know there is a casualty that should have been posted, but I’ve been out of the country and sometimes it’s a little difficult getting into websites to do changes, etc. internationally. I seemed to run into that a bit more this time, but I’m back now and they will be posted very soon.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been a little out of touch as I had a few things on my bucket list that I had to take care of, and I would like to share some wonderful experiences with you. My locations were Iceland and Turkey. I’ll post some photos today and more later as I went to some really cool, fun places.

Right up front let me say we saw Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) the first night we tried!  They were incredible.  Then we went DogSledding, to a logoon where glaciers were calving, inside an ice cave in a glacier and much more, and that was just in Iceland. I just got back home, so I’ll have much more later this week. We’ll discuss Turkey later. So… Let my show and tell begin!

The Northern Lights
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 photo image_zpsv6z5wpiq.jpeg
Inside the Glacier Ice Cave
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Waterfalls and more…
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Site changes update

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Flag Ball

In the near future, I plan to add another page for the military casualties. The current data has become large enough that it is affecting response time while posting and I’m afraid I’ll lose some data. So, the new page, since the war has officially ended, will be titled ‘Middle East Casualties’ or something to that effect. The current pages will remain for your access.

I wanted to let my regular readers know so you will know where to look for information that you may be needing to access.

Proud to be an American & proud of our American Heroes

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Flag Ball

This week we have heard around the globe about our newest American Heroes some of who were also military personnel. There was a Brit that helped in the apprehension also. I was particularly impressed when one hero said he really didn’t do a lot to save one person’s life, he just stuck his finger in the hole and compressed the artery until someone got there to take care of it. That’s all! That’s all it took to save a person’s life. That was an act that made the difference in life and death. Yep, he is definitely a hero in my book and in the book of many other people.

Attack Kills Marines in Tennessee

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Flag banner- narrow

Most of us know by now that a Marine Base in Tennessee was attacked today. The investigation has begun, but no information had been released regarding whether it was a lone wolf or if he was radicalized.

Sadly, five (5) Marines were killed by someone without provocation from the Marines and others were wounded. That is obviously unacceptable. Let us light a candle and keep the lights of their lives alive and may their souls rest in peace.


According to multiple sources, here are the names of the four Marines killed in Thursday’s shooting in Chattanooga, along with a wounded sailor and an injured police officer.

Photobucket– Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan: The 40-year-old native of Springfield, Mass., served two tours of duty in Iraq and received two Purple Hearts and a Combat Action Medal. John Sullivan, his brother, changed his Facebook profile picture to a split shot of smiling Thomas in uniform and a black ribbon over the Marines Corps logo. The ribbon has the words “in remembrance,” and below it appears, “R.I.P. Tommy.”

Photobucket– Staff Sgt. David Wyatt: A native of Russellville, Ark., he is survived by his wife and two children. Wyatt and Sullivan were friends on Facebook.

Photobucket– Lance Cpl. Skip “Squire” Wells: The Georgia native, 21, attended Georgia Southern University before joining the Marines. Wells had only recently graduated boot camp. A posting on his Facebook page said, “Skip Wells, it was one of the pleasures of my life to have had the chance to know you … I will forever have a void in my life that can never be filled.”

Photobucket– Sgt. Carson Holmquist, a native of Grantsburg, Wisconsin, lived in Jacksonville, N.C.

Photobucket– Randall Smith: The logistics specialist in the U.S, Navy was serving in Chattanooga. He is from Paulding, Ohio. His mother said Smith is being treated for three gunshot wounds to the right arm, back and stomach.

Photobucket– Sgt. Dennis Pedigo Jr.: One of the responding Chattanooga police officers, he was shot in the ankle and is in stable condition. Pedigo, from Cave City, Ky., could be released from the hospital as early as Saturday.

Sources: WVLT news in Chatanooga, CNN, Fox News, Facebook, The Associated Press, the Burnett County (Wisconsin) Sentinel.

Happy Father’s Day!

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Happy Father’s Day to all of the Father’s on this special day. 

Remembering the World’s Greatest Step-Father on Father’s Day.

Burns 75thBirthday, cropped IV
W. B. Sherrill

He wasn’t the richest, the most educated, or the one with the most Social Graces, but he was definitely the one with the Most Love to give. I never had to question his love for me and I always knew he would protect me and would be there for me. I loved him dearly and miss him greatly. He always thought I was sprouting angel wings, but I know that today he has his wings firmly in place.