Happy Fourth of July

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Have a wonderful fun and safe Fourth of July.  Also, please remember all of those in the world that have had the horrible tragedies that have recently occurred in the world.


Remembering our Fallen Heros on Memorial Day

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America flag with folds

God Bless America and the souls of those who gave their lives for our country. May their families find peace and comfort.

Condolences to the victims of Belgium

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Sending our condolences to the people of Belgium and to all the victims of the terrorist attacks in Belgium today. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you travel through the horrors of this day and days following. God be with you.

Invictus Games to be held in US

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Prince Harry of the UK is a hero among heros in my book! He’s a God sent for many wounded warriers and he will be in Orlando for the 2016 Invictus Games! I would love to be there for these heros, but I can’t. If any of you want information on the games, here is the official website.

The word “Invictus” means “unconquered. Go Team!!!

More photos of Iceland…

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One of Iceland’s many gorgeous waterfalls.


Geo-thermal energy is very important in Iceland where heating homes and businesses is critical.  It is the primary mode of heating and of providing the abundance of hot water available.


Chart showing the distribution of the geo-thermal energy.


Iceland is losing its glaciers at an annual rate never before seen by scientist and records kept for hundreds of years.

Peace….on Earth and Goodwill…

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 photo 6106ebb7-8860-4e2f-8f4b-44b1130dd4c4_zpsa776f050.jpg

 photo ChristmasTreelightsflashing-1.gif

 photo ChristmasAtArlington.jpg

Condolences to the people of France

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My heart aches today for the senseless losses suffered in Paris overnight. We all share their hurt as we know how it hits the entire nation and the world. RIP DEAR ONES. RIP

 photo commemoative bouquet I_zps7dugn8s4.jpg